Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us Why chose a driving school? Are there differences?

You only learn once!
Being taught by a professional, trained instructor, should ensure that you will receive the most complete training available. It will prepare you for safely participating in all aspects of driving and vehicle control on today’s public roadways. Since driving can be one of the riskiest activities that many people undertake, professional driver training may be the most important educational investment of their lives.

A Wider range of hands-on drving experiences
A good driving school will give you training and experience in uncommon situations, like emergency brake-and-avoid maneuvers, brake lock-up techniques, and recovering from getting your wheels off onto the soft shoulder of the road. Family members and/or friends may not be quite so comfortable in allowing you to practice these skills in their cars.

Not a great family activity
Families can share many activities together, but driver training is perhaps not the best one. The president of Precision Driving Schools has been a commercial driver, a racing driver and a driving instructor since the early 1980’s. So, when it was time for his son and daughter to learn to drive, he taught them, right? Not a chance! They learned from other instructors. More fun and more relaxed that way, for everyone involved!

Earlier licensing opportunity
By law in Nova Scotia, you are required to hold your Learner’s License for six months before you can take a road test. If you take a recognized training course, such as that provided by Precision Driving Schools, you can take the road test after three months. You also have a better chance of actually passing the road test on the first attempt. The pass rate for driving school graduates is commonly in the high 90% range. What's the general pass rate for people you do NOT take a driving school course? About 12%.

Graduate from the GDL
Once you pass a road test in Nova Scotia, you receive a restricted license, as part of the Graduated Driver Licensing Program. Your license will ALWAYS be restricted (regardless of your age), unless you take some recognized defensive driving course! The Precision Driving Schools course, like that of all driving schools, qualifies you to exit the GDL at the end of two years.

Insurance discounts
Maybe, maybe not. Some years ago, you could count on saving about 40% on auto insurance if you took driver training. Since then, though, the insurance industry has restructured its rate system, and some of those discounts have decreased or been eliminated. Check with your particular auto insurance provider to learn what discounts they offer. It may pay to shop around!

Is there much difference between driving schools?

The short answer is: "not all that much". All driving schools in Nova Scotia are regulated and required to provide specified course content. That includes 25 hours of classroom training and 10 hours of in–car instruction.

The majority of driving instructors in the Kings-Hants area of Nova Scotia have all either started their careers with Precision Driving Schools or have instructed for Precision in the past. We’ve worked with them, and know that they are professional, conscientious and dedicated. So, other than that, what do you look for when choosing a particular driving school?

Choosing a Driving School

Classroom content
Precision Driving Schools is constantly updating the content of our classroom program. Using a computerized multi-media format, we can easily add the latest available material, such as new videos. Being in full control of our classroom material allows us to produce and provide topical information , specifically relevant to the local driving environment.

Twenty-five hours, over four days, in the classroom may seem like a long time, but we find that every minute of that time is important, if we are to provide our students with a full understanding of the art of driving.
  • We try to make the classroom experience enjoyable, but we do not sacrifice course content for mere entertainment.
  • We do not use "guest speakers" as filler.
  • We are not restricted to presenting a course produced in and for other provinces by a "national brand".
Fully 70% of a driving school course is spent in the classroom. It is important to check and compare the "meat" of the classroom programs offered by different schools, to make sure that you are getting the most for your course investment.

This should ALWAYS be ONLY one–on–one instruction: one student, one instructor. There is no nice way to put this: anything else is sub-standard. The in-car instructor should always be patient, relaxed and dedicated to helping you master the skills and techniques of modern driving.

The in-car course should never be about "learning the road test route". It should cover all aspects of rural, residential, urban and highway driving. After all, once you earn a license, you are free to drive in other places (like Halifax, Montreal, or Toronto, for example). At Precision, we believe your in-car course should prepare you for those possibilities. You should be taught, and allowed to gain hands-on experience with, collision avoidance techniques.

How long does it take?
Some driving schools enroll more students than they have the capacity to handle in a timely fashion (guess why!). At Precision Driving Schools, we restrict the number of students in our classes to make sure they all get prompt service. In Nova Scotia, you must wait three months from the time you get a Learner’s License before taking a road test (six months if you do not take a recognized training course). You should expect your driving school to prepare you to take the road test as soon as you are ready, qualified and legally eligible. That is generally at the end of the three month mandatory waiting period.

Lesson scheduling and location
Lesson scheduling at Precision Driving Schools is handled between student and instructor (not the office), to make sure that lesson appointment times are convenient for you. As much as possible, in–car lessons are conducted primarily in the closest major center to your residence (ie: Greenwood, Kentville, Windsor). When comparing driving schools, be sure to ask if they actually provide lessons in your area, or if you always have to travel somewhere else for the lessons.

Other considerations
In-car lessons are taught in automatic transmissions equipped cars. However, ask if your driving school provides an option to learn the use of STANDARD SHIFT equipped cars as well. That’s a handy skill to have as well!

Your course with Precision Driving Schools includes the use of our car for the purpose of taking the road test. That’s included in the course price with Precision (some schools charge extra for this).

PRICE: the difference in prices between various schools is no indication of the difference in quality and content of their courses. Some schools have to pay fees to their parent company elsewhere. Some schools, well, just charge more than others.

Check around and compare
You’re only going to do this once! You deserve to get the most comprehensive training available for your training investment. Make sure that the course you choose offers what you deserve.


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